Manila, Philippines : Where To Shop In Manila? 

Manila, Philippines : Where To Shop In Manila?


Manila is the capital city of Philippines and it is a shopping heaven! IF you know where to shop. Read on for our Manila, Philippines shopping guide and the mistakes we did that you SHOULD NOT REPEAT!

Manila, Philippines is a shopping heaven for people who loves fashion and shopaholics who does not shop for brand tags but style. If you are the type to shop for branded apparels, do not expect a huge difference in price (unless SALE!😉). So the question is, where do we start?

Getting around 

When we were in Manila, GRAB Car is our mode of transportation. It is easier and save us a couple of bucks. So if you are heading there, I would recommend you to install the Grab Car App.

Sunset in Manila, Philippines


Makati, Philippines




Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills shopping center is located here. I LOVE THIS PLACE! Once you arrived, you will see a building of restaurants opposite Greenhills Shopping Center and the shopping center itself looks like a cinema but just go in and you will see a small entrance with a ‘To Mall’ sign (sort of). Once you walk in, you will need to walk further until you end up with a hall filled with booths of small shops selling watches, bags, shoes, and apparels. In order for you to make the most out of your pesos here, you will need to brush up in your haggling skills! Plus, every booths are selling almost the same items so walk around and haggle till you get the best deal you could possibly land on. This is the cheapest shopping center that we came across. Next?

Landmark Makati

Landmark Makati is located here. It is a department store so basically they have everything and the prices are reasonable as well. The shoe department (esp for woman) is heaven! John and I were so amazed by the amount of shoe collections they displayed and the fashion is all up to date! We spent hours in the shoe department.

Waiting for our shoes 😍


SM Makati

SM Makati is located here. You can find Forever 21, H&M and the SM Store here. SM Store is a department store but their item price is almost the same as the department store in our hometown so we figured it is not worth it to shop here. Nonetheless, it is a nice place to look around because you might be there during SALE time! ( A shopaholic way of thinking 😍)

Glorietta Mall, Makati

Glorietta Mall is located here. There is 5 Glorietta Mall, we could not figure out which mall we’re in since all of it is connected. However, we have been wandering around Glorietta Mall a lot when we were there since we prefer less crowded area. Glorietta has a lot of mid range to high end stores. If you are going there, you need to check out Bershka, Stradivarius, Penshoppe and Bench. Bershka and Stradivarius is a store under the Spanish group that owns Zara but a little bit cheaper and more worth it during SALE!✌🏼The later is a local Philippines apparel brand which apparels are pretty competitive in comparison with international brand.

Greenbelt Mall, Makati

Greenbelt Mall is located here. The mall offers mid range to high end stores, almost similar to Glorietta Mall. So just wander around and enjoy your shopping spree. If you are looking for Zara,Prada, Hermes, etc you will be able to find the stores here.

SM Mall Of Asia

SM Mall Of Asia is one of the popular mall in the Philippines. It is located here. The stores that caught my eye in MOA is Kultura. It is a store that sells traditional Philippines clothing and they have a wide variety of shirts at a reasonable price. Other than that, there is Bench, Zara and other outlets as well. Manila Bay is at MOA area as well. So if you are planning to go here you can go on a Ferris wheel or enjoy a beautiful sunset by the bay.

Ferris Wheel 🎡




The hotel that we stayed is in Makati area which is close to Glorietta Mall, Greenbelt Mall, SM Makati and Landmark Makati. John and I were so dumbfounded by the amazing pieces of apparel in these malls. Therefore, we did not think about anything else but to shop right then at that moment. We ended up with 30-40% money left out of our budget after the second day since we shopped a whole lot during our second day in Manila.


On our third day, which is the day we went to Greenhills shopping center we regretted our second day purchases (some of it). Moral of the story: Shop in a hierarchy way which is; shop in the cheap shopping malls first, then go to the mid range to high end malls. This way you will make the most out of your pesos with more items to bring home.



 We brought 18,000 peso with us which we spent on food, transportation and apparels. We paid our hotel beforehand as well as our plane tickets.

18,000 PESO AT THE RATE OF MYR 8.85 PER 100 PESO =MYR 1,593.00


Hope this helps!


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