Would you eat an insect? We just did!

The last week of July was well spent with two of my best friends Hazel and Aleyh in Siem Reap, Cambodia! We visited ruins, went for a night out, and even spoiled ourselves by staying in a presidential suite! We had an amazing time exploring Siem Reap together. Now, I would like to ask you guys a question.

Would you eat an insect? We just did!


I still couldn’t believe I ate insects back in Cambodia! Everyone who knows me is aware of me being such a picky eater. Consuming insects is something crazy that I might not agree! But what do you know, guess I am a little crazy after a boost of some booze.


Apart from that, before I flew, John told me to try some insects or I might regret not giving it a go. The beauty of traveling is to learn about other people’s culture and there is no better way to experience it than devouring their foods and snacks! Watch the video for my Siem Reap Vlog



Hopefully we will be able to travel more in the future. We just need to take baby steps and make it happen! By the way, I did a blog post on how much do you need to explore Siem Reap, Cambodia go and check it out! On another note, check out our Manila Trip, Boracay and our vlog#1. Thanks for watching!



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