How much do you need for a trip to Boracay Island, Philippines?

How much do you need for a trip to Boracay Island, Philippines?

 If you’re planning on going to this beautiful island in the Philippines, or simply deciding on your next vacation, read on for our Boracay Island experience!


There are two different airports to get to Boracay Island, Caticlan Airport and Kalibo Airport. Caticlan airport is pricier than Kalibo airport (at a normal rate) but closer to Caticlan jetty where you will need to take a boat ride to the island. We took an AirAsia flight to Kalibo Airport (AirAsia only travel to Kalibo Airport for Boracay Island) and endure a less than 2 hours ride to Caticlan jetty.

Getting into Boracay Island

Once we landed, there is a row of booth selling van shuttle transfer to Caticlan jetty. We choose the cheapest, which we paid 250 peso per person. It includes the van shuttle and boat ride to Boracay Island. However, once we reached Caticlan jetty, we were asked to pay for terminal fee and environmental fee which cost us 175 peso per person. Be aware that the fee is not included in the Kalibo Airport to Caticlan jetty transfer.

Total : 425 peso per person

How beautiful and crowded it was during sunset 😍

Getting around Boracay Island

When we reached the Island, there is a tricycle area which we took to get to our hotel. Our hotel is on the Bulobog beach side of the Island so our ride cost us 150 peso since it is a little bit far from the main area. We just walk around the island the whole trip, we prefer to walk around rather than taking a tricycle. However, taking a tricycle will only cost you 75 peso for short ride.

Total : 150 peso/2 = 75 peso per person

Activities in Boracay Island 

The Island offers a variety of water sport activities from diving to parasailing. We only get to do Island hopping and took a buggy ride. Island hopping tour cost us 600 peso pp, it includes lunch and boat ride going to Puka Beach, Crystal Cove Island and Magic Island.

During island hopping, the boat stops in the middle of the ocean where we did a little bit of snorkeling ( snorkeling gears rent = 20 peso pp) for 20 minutes and had our lunch. After lunch we went to Magic Island ( entrance fee = 200 peso pp) for cliff diving (which is AWESOME!! But i found out my waterproof phone case is lousy cause the water is INSIDE the case!! Luckily my phone survived), then to Crystal Cove Island (entrance fee = 150 peso pp) and lastly Puka Beach where the sand is shell (mostly) and so warm it feels so good to walk barefooted.

The Island hopping took us 6 hours and we were exhausted once we’re done. The next day we went on a buggy ride up to Mount Luho. The buggy rent cost us 1,500 peso (750 peso pp) and the entrance fee for Mount Luho is 120 peso pp. The view at the top of Mount Luho is amazingly beautiful, it is so worth the climb!!

Total =  1,840 peso per person


Lunch is included and it is delicious as well!😋
Photo by the boat is a MUST!
Buggy Ride!
Reached Mount Luho and we were told to take a couple photo. Does it seem like we were posing awkwardly? 😂


Heading back from the island

We took a tricycle to the port which cost us 120 peso (60 peso pp), paid terminal fee 30 peso pp and transfer from the port to the airport which is 250 peso pp. The port that we arrive is different with the port that we depart from when we leave the island, so do not be surprise when the local send you to a different port. Upon departure, there will be a terminal fee at the airport which we paid 700 peso pp.

Total = 1,040 peso per person


We shopped for souvenirs consist of clothes, pouch, hat and key chains and it cost us about 2,500 peso. Toiletries e.g shampoo and soap (Around 150 peso), an umbrella and a prickly heat powder which cost us 200 peso and our foods cost about 4,000 – 5,000 peso. The hotel that we stayed cost us 6,300 peso for 5 nights and our airplane ticket from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur to Kalibo Airport and return cost us MYR 1,500.00. We will not include miscellaneous in our total since it varies for each individuals.

Total cost : 3,380 per person

NOT INCLUDING MISCELLANEOUS. We exchanged 10,000 peso per person (not inc. plane ticket).

Exchange rate of MYR 8.88 for 100 peso = MYR 888 for 10,000 peso.



Bring a person who is capable of speaking tagalog or learn some basic words. When you’re in the Island, haggling is a MUST! The only reason why we were able to get a good price for the tour and our souvenirs is John’s ability to speak tagalog.


Watch our Boracay Travel Vlog. Thank you and hope this helps.

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