Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan is best known for Sakurajima which is an active volcano facing the Kinko Bay. It is the capital city of Kagoshima Prefecture and a seaside city on Kyushu Island, Japan. The cruise that I was in is the very first cruise to port in Kagoshima. They even had a band playing for us on land before the cruise starts on another journey. Here is a little

travel tips before heading to Kagoshima, Japan.


First stop on Kagoshima tour is Sengan-en. Sengan-en is a traditional Japanese garden and has been passed down in the Shimadzu family for 350 years. Other than that, it is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is best to visit during spring because all the plants in the area blooms. The place is picturesque! Check out the photos that I took.

Souvenir in Sengan-en

Shiroyama Observatory

The observatory offers a beautiful view of downtown Kagoshima, Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima. Although, it is quite a walking distance to reach the Shiroyama Observatory, there is a flight of stairs to go through. I was exhausted at that time. So, I opted to stay at the bus area and bought a cherry blossom ice cream to enjoy while waiting for those who climbed up to the Shiroyama Observatory.

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream!

Tenmonkan Dori – Shopping Time!

The tour bus drop us and we went on a food hunt! There is a whole lot of stores and restaurants in the area. They even have a basement restaurant which is cool! It has an awesome landscape and the mall has a lot to offer.

Tokishirube Statues

There are statues of historical figure near Tenmonkan Dori, I went to the area and snap some pictures with them. While waiting for the tour bus to pick us up, I took some pictures with the historical figures.

Waiting area

Hope it helps!

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